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ThankBand is a way to make the world a better (and smaller) place, one good deed at a time. Have you ever wondered how your good deed in the world was paid forward to the next person? With ThankBand, you can now track the story of a good deed's journey as it travels around the world
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Here's how it works...

Let's say you are standing in line to get your morning coffee when you notice another thirsty coffee connoisseur at the counter doesn't have their wallet. You remember your Thankband on your wrist and you offer to pay for it. Lucky for them... and you get to pass them your ThankBand so that they can pass on this kind deed. A week later you receive an email, your band has been passed on and another good deed has been done because of you helping out that cashless coffee drinker.
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With a ThankBand a person can go onto the website and log in the unique code of that particular band. They can then see the journey of that band and read the stories of all the good deeds that have connected all these strangers. Once they put in their story, they have the opportunity to share the band with whomever they choose. Every time the band gets passed on from then on, they will get an update each time a good deed has been done whith that unique band. Each person will see how they played their part and helped make all those good things happen in the world.
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Our hope for ThankBand

ThankBand is really just a silly silicon band. We get it! And there is a million different colored bands out there to cover your whole arms with. But ThankBand isn't a fashion accessory. It's a tool. It's a way that you can help fix the world by bringing people closer together. By helping turn strangers into community, and create more trust in the world. By connecting with someone you don't know, you make a friend out of them. By doing something nice in the world beacause yout think life is grand, you make your life even richer. We believe ThankBand is a great way to make a difference in the world and have some fun doing it as

Say Thank you to someone and watch... You will change the world!